Tire Pressure Monitor Caps

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This valve stem cap come with 4pcs which you can use it to check all 4 tire's air pressure on your car. This tire pressure monitor cap let you know the tire pressure condition,so you will have a nice drive experience.

This 3 color indicator valve cap use color to indicate the tire pressure condition,you can easily know by looking at it. This tire pressure indicator valve cap is easy to install,just screw it tight on your tire valve stem.

Applicable to car, motorcycle, bicycle and so on. WARNING: When removing a cap. make sure that you do not lose the black washer. They are inclined to fall out and are very difficult to find again. It is advisable to remove them before your car is serviced at a garage.

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- Item Weight: 1.06oz / 0.03kg
- Item Height: 0.39" / 10mm
- Item Width: 0.39" / 10mm
- Item Length: 0.91" / 23mm
- Material Type: Chromed brass