Sticky Gel Pad

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High temperature resistance, non-toxic, and environmentally safe. Excellent sticky car dash mat pad made of high quality highly polymerized elastic soft gel material. Hold objects to your dashboard without worrying about things slipping / falling while driving.

The sticky Gel pad is to easy mount, made from the best quality and possesses super strong stickiness. It will easily cling to any auto dash or anywhere you like. Stick items firmly to pads to keep them mounted as you commute through your day.Easy to adjust or reposition without tearing or losing shape.

Anti slip design, provides easy access to automotive essentials.Compatible with all vehicles, promotes safe driving.


  • Round or Triangle Anti-slip Mat,
  • Anti Slip Mat For Car,
  • Mobile Phone Holder,
  • Sticky Gel Pad Wall Sticker,
  • Magical Tablet Phone Bracket 
  • Material Type: Silica Gel