Portable Dog Water Bottle

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HIGH QUALITY HEALTHY MATERIAL: This Dog Water bottle is made of 100% food grade plastic material. BPA Free, Lead-Free, safe and durable. This bottle ensures your pet friends can safely drink whenever he or she is thirsty.

FILL WITH FRESH WATER FROM A TRUSTED SOURCE -Having fresh, clean water for your dog can help prevent health issues related to drinking from public water bowls and puddles which can contain disease-bearing bacteria, parasites or unknown toxins.

QUICK and CONVENIENT: You can turn over the fashion leaf bowl quickly and open the cap to squeeze out the water easily. Convenient to feed the water with one hand.

EXCELLENT PET WATER BOTTLE: Your lovely pets can enjoy fresh water at anytime and anywhere with this bottle. A must have product for your pets heath.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size S: 250ml
  • Size L: 500ml