Latest Online Sales Trends for Consumer Electronics Accessories

Latest Online Sales Trends for Consumer Electronics Accessories

The consumer electronics market is a fast-paced industry that is marked by its rapid innovation and development. The online market spreads across the entire world, with almost every country in the world making use of consumer electronics products.

The industry is characterized by a vast pool of engineers, designers, marketers, and other workers who continue to help drive the industry. Companies involved in the consumer electronics industry include those concerned with manufacturing of home media/entertainment systems like televisions.

This online market basically covers the marketing and distribution of electronic devices which are used for communication, entertainment or information needs. To put it simply, any product that is designed for productivity (in the office), communication or entertainment can be regarded as a consumer electronics product.

Examples of devices that fit this category include tablet PCs, laptops, digital cameras, radios, calculators, cell phones (smartphones and feature phones), personal care devices like hearing aids, and so on. 

What is Responsible for the Online Sales Trend?

This online sales trend is driven by the strong demand for mobile technology devices including smartphones and tablets in the Asia Pacific region. In addition, the growing penetration of the Internet in developing countries will be another driver for the consumer electronics industry. Countries in emerging markets in Africa, the Middle East, and in South America will continue to experience a surge in the adoption of consumer electronics products.

As is already the case, the smartphone niche will continue to be the highest revenue pushers. The global revenues from the online sales of smartphones are projected to reach about US$768 billion in 2017, which is more than a 20% growth increase from the US$544.2 billion generated in 2015, and even further to US$1.45 billion in 2020.

Latest Trends for Consumer Electronics Accessories

The largest market for consumer electronics in the world is the United States. The current estimated online market value of the U.S. consumer electronic market is $US107.1 billion. China is another big market – actually the second largest, and fast racing to replace the US – for consumer electronics products. The following are some of the latest online sales trends as experienced in the consumer electronics market today


The consumer electronics industry will continue to experience the miniaturization of consumer electronics devices. For instance, the world has witnessed how the personal computer has transformed over the years. From the very bulky equipment that filled a room in the later 20th century to the ultra-portable notebook PCs and tablets of the modern times. Individuals will continue purchasing ultra-lightweight, ultra-slim devices compared to the bulky or heavier counterparts.

Continuous drop in prices

As stated by one of the co-founders of Intel Gordon Moore, who stated that the number of transistors on a single computer chip will continue to double over every eighteen months, Moore’s Law continues to affect the prices of consumer electronics devices that use microchips. This is inevitably leading to the general drop in the prices of consumer electronics products such as tablets and smartphones.

Continual technological innovation

Advancement in technology has also contributed to the recent sales trends. Wearable technology has now gained more traction. Although the wearable technology segment of the consumer electronics market is relatively young compared to others like the smartphone or personal computer, people are beginning to purchase more of these smart watches.

Internet of things

This is another growing online trend in the consumer electronics industry. The Internet of Things is a global connectivity network that sees various electronic gadgets being interconnected and deliver messages among themselves. Various individuals are now purchasing smart home devices that are connected and can be operated or controlled from any location using their smartphones.

There you have it! The above are some of the current trends in the online sales trends for consumer electronics market. Many marketers are already taking advantage of the trends to great effect. Following them may just be the way to take your brand to that next level.

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