Latest Gadget Trends and Online Purchases

Latest Gadget Trends and Online Purchases


The world is constantly changing, in more ways than one. Society has its changes, from politics to societal norms. Then you have changes in what is popular at the time, such as with fashion, and all the new advances in technology and the hot new gadgets that constantly flood the market. There are also growing trends in how people buy things, with a growing number of them making online purchases and giving traditional brick-and-mortar stores difficulty in surviving.


On a lighter note, let's take a look at what some of the latest tech and gadget trends are (that you may decide to purchase online, given the current trend):


* Dell 2-in-1 laptops, such as the Latitude 7285 and new XPS 13 models, which can rival the SurfacePro 4 with a sharp screen, stylus, a keyboard more like a laptop's, and a flexible rotating hinge.


* Lenovo Smart Assistant, which is basically a slightly cheaper version of Amazon's popular Echo speaker/smart assistant and which comes in an assortment of bright and cheerful colors. The Lenovo assistant is also powered with Amazon's popular assitant, Alexa.


*NuAns NEO Reloaded is a Japanese smartphone, powered by Android iOS that allows you to show off your personal taste (more than you can with the limited phones styles and colors available) by offering an interchangeable design system to let you swap out the phone's back panel with dozens of different colors and materials.


* Motorized levitating surfboards are being released by Liftfoil, and are perfect for those of you who like to surf and who are still waiting for the hover boards promised in Back to the Future.


* Digitally sculpted jewelry is making waves on the tail of the 3D printer that has recently become popular. If you're intersted, you can check out “Nom de Marque” in Los Angeles to have some jewelry created for yourself.


* Amazon Tap is a hot new wireless Bluetooth speaker powered by Alexa and can, when WiFi or a hotspot is available, provide music, weather reports, and whatever service you ask of it.


* Phone-charging atomic alarm clock, which is just latest in a growing line of items available that can also act as a phone charger.


* FitBit Blaze is the latest version of the FitBit watch. If you're into fitness and keeping track of your steps, heartbeat, etc. and like gadgets like the FitBit, you'll be interested in this one which features a PurePulse heart rate monitor, Connected GPS, on-screen works, and more.


For a further look at some of the latest gadget trends, you can look at this article, this article, and this article for some examples of the many new tech gadgets out there.


Now, as mentioned, online purchases have been a growing trend lately, with many retailers such as Wal-mart trying to come up with new online shopping offerings to compete with Amazon. Amazon has become a giant in the online shopping industry, with the founder Jeff Bezos recently beating Bill Gates as the world's richest man (albeit only briefly).

A survey conducted back in 2016 shows that consumers are conducting more of their shopping online, with 51% of shoppers buying online than in stores, and 44% of those buying stuff did it with their smartphones.


Further studies show that 62% of consumers in the US with access to the internet shop online at least once a month. Many like to use coupons or will wait for an incentive or promotion from a brand before buying. Interestingly, the majority of items bought online have been electronics, books, and clothing (each over 60%), with sporting goods, pet supplies, and food/groceries coming in least (20% each).


So, based on these numbers, it's probably a safe bet to say that many of the trending gadgets that have been released lately have probably been purchased online, if not from Amazon then probably some other online site.

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